Sunday, February 6, 2011

FRINGE: Should Peter Pick Olivia or Fauxlivia? Anna Torv Weighs In

After the events from “Concentrate and Ask Again,” viewers now know that the fate of the universes depends on whatever version of Olivia wins Peter’s heart. If he chooses our Olivia, Fauxlivia and Over There apparently will be destroyed. If he goes back to Fauxlivia, the universe and the characters that we spent the better part of three seasons with will go away. No pressure at all there, Peter.
Of course, as of now, the only characters that are aware of Peter’s upcoming choice are Sam and Nina. And while fans have their own opinions on which woman Peter should end up with, I caught up with FRINGE star Anna Torv (Olivia/Fauxlivia) at the Writers Guild Awards and got her to weigh in on the debate.
According to Torv, the issue might not be as black-and-white as we might think…


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