Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ask Ausiello - January 18 (Spoiler)

Question: OK, last week’s Fringe scoop was weak. Going back to the Cortexiphan trials? Didn’t we find that out two weeks ago? I guess Bolivia coming back was new, but that’s not nearly mind-blowing enough. Gimme something really interesting! Please? –Laurie

Well, if this doesn’t do the trick — and by golly it should — talk to J.J. Abrams, as he’s the one who dropped it in my lap. An upcoming episode will reach back into the show’s rich history “in such a huge way,” he says. “We’re using something that is already within the Fringe universe and it is so cleverly done.” Abrams isn’t saying which episode the show will be calling back to, but he does reveal that it’s from Season 1. “It doesn’t mean you need to have seen that episode to understand what’s going on, but it just makes it extra special for those who have seen it,” he adds. Any guesses? Hit the comments! And last reminder: Fringe moves to Fridays at 9/8c this week! Be there or face my wrath!



  1. Bad Dreams. And how Peter and Olivia are connected, he calmed her with his touch. HAS TO BE THAT. Akiva Goldsman points it out in the audio commentary.

  2. asdhgadsfkjasd YES killmotion. If it isn't what you said exactly i'll be surprised. and we already know they've met as kids, the scenes have been shot. That episode will be so amazing :D