Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fringe music video Echoes

Sound the Klaxons — Fringe returns with new episodes on Friday! And by Klaxons, we do not mean the trademarked vehicular horn or “alerting device” whose distinctive sound, according to Wikipedia, should be depicted in print as “ah-WOOOGA!” (I prefer “ah-ROOOGA!”), but rather the English alternative rock band Klaxons. (Of course, you knew that.) Fox has taken the group’s 2010 single “Echoes” and created a Fringe music video that recaps the season’s Two Olivias parallel world storyline and functions as a ‘shipper ode to the developing Olivia/Peter romance. As we reported last month, Fox is working hard and creatively to not only encourage Fringe fans to follow the series to its new timeslot, but to also grow the show’s audience by going after teens and young adults. Judging from the video’s dark romantic vibe, I’d say Fox is hoping to entice newbies by positioning the cult fave as a sophisticated sci-fi Twilight. Check it out:

Does the video contain hidden clues about upcoming episodes? I’ve viewed it twice, and I’m inclined to say “Nope”, but your Encyclopedia Brown eyes may yield different results. (FYI, I’m told Friday’s outing, the ironically entitled “The Firefly,” offers a good dose of The Observers. Also: Christopher Lloyd!) I’m impressed with choice of Klaxons, whose sensibility seems very Fringe. This is a band whose musical style has been described as “acid rave sci-fi punk funk,” that gives their albums names that could double as titles of Fringe episodes (Myths of the Near Future; Surfing The Void) and is prone to referencing William Burroughs and Thomas Pynchon in their songs. Sounds like my new favorite band. This video does get me thinking of other potential audio/visual mash-ups that Fox could produce on behalf of Fringe.
You can watch the video here

source: EW

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