Friday, January 21, 2011

Preview: Fox's 'Fringe' Returns with Firefly on Friday, January 21

Keep “Fringe” on the air! The sci-fi drama won’t be finishing out the season on Thursday, because FOX has moved the show to where television series typically go to die: Friday night. The first new episode of 2011, entitled "Firefly," is set to air on Friday, January 21, at 9pm Eastern. If viewers keep tuning into what has been a stellar season three, hopefully they can save it from premature death.

The mythology continues on “Fringe” "Firefly," especially with the Observer
named September (Michael Cerveris) returning to make something right. The Observer’s return is marked by a lot of violence that involves Peter (Joshua Jackson).
The other storyline involves Walter (John Noble) meeting a man he admires, Roscoe Joyce (Christopher Lloyd), who was part of one of Walter’s favorite 1970s bands “Violet Sedan Chair.”
As is typical of the sci-fi drama, past story lines are not forgotten. Walter still thinks about the repercussions of his stealing Peter from the other universe. Olivia (Anna Torv) still deals with what the other Olivia did to her life and relationship to Peter.
Forget the DVR. Tune into “Fringe” Firefly on Friday and prove to FOX how loyal fans are to the best sci-fi drama on television.

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