Monday, January 24, 2011

Ask Matt - January 24

Question: I just watched this week's Fringe. When Walter put on a pair of red and blue glasses, and announced they'd been developed by his "old friend Dr. Jacoby of Washington State," I had to wonder if it was intended to be a nod to Twin Peaks and Russ Tamblyn's character, who always wore similar glasses. Any connection? — Amy W
Matt Roush: Absolutely this is a delightful homage to a groundbreaking show and one of its most eccentric characters (Dr. Lawrence Jacoby), spiritual kin to Walter Bishop, one of the few people who could pull off that look. (And how great were John Noble's scenes with Christopher Lloyd in this episode?)

Question: Just watched Fringe, and I had to write. Wow. I'd forgotten how much I love the comedic elements in this show. They really do take the show to another level. The straight-up drama is good stuff, but the wonderful timing of the comedy makes it really special. Gotta go watch again, Walter is hilarious. — Anna
Matt Roush: Yes, he's a riot. But that's just the icing on a very rich cake. This episode was just as strong for Walter (and Noble) dramatically. His terror of losing his son — again — fueled the emotional core of this hour, and his willingness to risk Peter's sacrifice, thus showing the Observers how much he had changed, is what made the hour most memorable. Noble has a way of piercing the heart with his befuddled anguish while never failing to amuse. How long until the Emmys reward his work with a nomination? (I'm not holding my breath, but seriously, folks, he's way overdue.)


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