Monday, January 24, 2011

Fringe is headed back to the other side

Ever since Olivia was rescued from the alternate universe the writers of Fringe have focused most of their attention on our world and the ever-complicated relationship between Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter (Joshua Jackson). But execs over at Camp Fringe are now letting us know that we are headed back to the other side as season three winds down. Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman told io9:
“We will absolutely still be visiting the alternate world. One of our goals from the first half of this season was to earn the ability to tell stories set exclusively over there, even after Olivia returned home.”
They also confirmed that the ongoing war between the two worlds will start to take their toll on both sides.
“We have seen the accelerated damage that has been going on over there,” they explained. “Now we will start to see that the physical constraints of our side may be beginning to fray as well.”
There has been much hang-wringing among fans concerning the decision to move Fringe to Friday nights which has a reputation for being a last stop for shows before cancellation. But Fox has stated more than once that they support the show which is fairly evident in the amount of advertising dedicated to “Fringe Fridays”. Still, they are playing it safe and have a contingency plan so that the fans are not left with a cliffhanger should the ratings take a nose dive.
“We know where the show ends,” they said. “And we know several of the season-long chapters that will occur along the way. Much of our storytelling has been seeded from very early on. The only real question is how many of these chapters we will be able to explore.”
The numbers for the January 21st mid-season premiere were very good, so for now I think we are safe. Catch Fringe on Friday nights at 9pm on Fox.


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