Friday, January 28, 2011

Preview: Fringe Reciprocity - Peter and the Doomsday Machine

The fate of Peter (Joshua Jackson) on Fringe "Reciprocity" is a questionable one. For months, the sci-fi drama has hinted about Peter’s destiny, that his very existence will have an impact on this world as well as on the other side.
Through the doomsday machine created by the first people, he might just destroy their world... or create a whole new universe.

On Friday, January 28th, the Observer’s desired and predicted future for Peter starts to come to fruition in "Reciprocity."
Peter comes into contact with the doomsday device while in Massive Dynamic headquarters; in turn, he becomes their lab rat.
As Walter (John Noble) did last week on Fringe "Firefly," he worries for Peter’s safety. So much so that he turns to Nina (Blair Brown) to help with acquiring more brain power in Fringe "Reciprocity."
Walter is still intent on rediscovering the parts of his brain that were taken away from him.
While most viewers will be tuning in to see what happens between Peter and the doomsday device, that doesn’t mean the rest of the world has stopped turning.
Olivia (Anna Torv) and the team are also investigating the discovery of a dead body.
In last week’s Fringe "Firefly," the drama’s ratings actually improved despite the move to Friday nights. Four-point-nine million viewers tuned in for the live show.
On January 28th, the drama continues to explore the fallout of Olivia, having been trapped on the other side.
Keep the ratings up by tuning in on Friday, January 28 for Fringe "Reciprocity."


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