Saturday, January 1, 2011

FRINGE is fantastically acted, brilliantly written and unfortunately underrated

When the show started off, it prided itself on being almost procedural-like, not delving too deeply into mythology so viewers could come and go as they pleased. We found out in season one that there was an alternate universe out there, but it wasn’t until this past year that the show full embraced what was out there. As soon as the show became comfortable enough to let its freak flag fly, the show blossomed into what it could be.
The second half of season two flashed back to Walter stealing Peter from the other universe, an action that set a war in motion between the two worlds, a musical episode, diving more into Olivia’s powers, Peter finding out he was from over there and of course, Olivia being trapped on the other universe. Season two was strong, delivering compelling episodes, heartbreaking performances (John Noble’s non-Emmy nomination is still a travesty), and a strong mythology.
But what we’ve seen of season three has blown that all out of the water. Every episode has packed in storylines as we bounced back and forth between the two universes. Peter started a relationship with Olivia, not realizing that it was actually Fauxlivia, a brilliant move on the writers part to realistically keep the real Olivia and Peter apart for the time being. We explored the alternate personalities of our favorite characters, allowing all of them, especially Anna Torv (Olivia) to shine. And they are building up to an epic war between the two universes.
The writers have done a great job of gauging the audience’s patience for reveals and determining the pacing of the show. FRINGE is fantastically acted, brilliantly written and unfortunately underrated. Here’s hoping 2011 brings the show the acknowledgment it deserves.

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