Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010's Best TV Shows Worth Watching (NYPost)

2010 marked the year "Fringe" went from "X-Files" supplement to "X-Files" successor as its weekly terror tales exceeded anything Mulder & Scully ever investigated. But the real success of the show has lied in fleshing out the Alternate Universe.
By pushing a mythological masterplan into the forefront, "Fringe" has declared itself to be one of the small screen sci-fi greats. Actors Anna Torv & John Noble have also proclaimed their prowess this season by crafting bizarro doppelgangers who are more than just cracked mirror versions of the people we've come to love -- they're characters who could easily carry their own spin-offs. So the fact that Walter & Walternate exist within the fabric of one show simply means fans get more bang for their buck week in and week out.
Best Episode: "Over There: Parts 1 & 2"


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