Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fringe Returns to Wreak Havoc on Friday Nights

Are there any Olivia-Peter die-hards out there? If yes, you can probably take some comfort in these words about Olivia (Anna Torv) from the great Lance Reddick himself, when we double-checked that Broyles and Olivia are sticking to a familial-platonic relationship: "Peter's (Joshua Jackson) got that locked up." (Ha!) What else happens in the second half of the season? Jasika Nicole and Reddick reveal:
When we chatted up Jasika Nicole and Reddick about the upcoming block of episodes, they revealed that the coexistence of the two universes is becoming increasingly impossible—our universe is now suffering the same kind of spontaneous damage long endured by the Other Side. Meanwhile, Olivia is still traumatized by her situation, and per Nicole, "Walter is really unravelling at an accelerated rate, because of the things he's discovering in our universe that are going to wreak havoc."

Havoc! Do you hear that?! Havoc! Seriously, Fringe is fantabulous this year, and Michael Cerveris' Observer September is coming back tonight, and holy moly are we excited that it's back tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.


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