Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sci-Fi TV's Top Action Heroines

Character: Agent Olivia Dunham
Played by: Anna Torv
Show: "Fringe"
Why she's awesome: It's rare enough to have a strong woman in law enforcement as a show's lead character — rarer still to have her encounter such a great deal of emotional turmoil without compromising her ability to do her job. In the show's third season, Torv also became two Olivias: the original, and the "Fauxlivia" from a parallel universe. Each version of the character is awesome in her own way, and different enough that they really do seem like two different people.
Heroic highlight: Most everything in the "over there" world early in Season 3. "Our" Olivia is trapped there, and brainwashed to believe she's the other one, but manages to keep herself ... well ... herself, and cleverly worms her way out of the clutches of evil Walternate and back where she belongs.

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